Smart Compass For Dogs

Keep Track of Your Four-Legged Friend at the Click of a Button No WiFi
No Network
No Subscriptions

Never Worry About Losing Your Dog Again

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Why Your Dog Needs a Smart Compass

Collar Friendly

The clip-on carabiner makes it easy to comfortably attach to any collar.

3-Mile Range

Keep your dog happy and healthy by letting them run wild while you keep track.

Safe Zone

Set up your safe zone and get alerted with lights, sound and vibrations whenever your dog wanders outside of here.

One Button Interface

No need for apps. Find the exact direction and distance of your dog with just one click.

Know your dogs whereabouts every minute of every walk.

Smart Compass provides the distance and direction of your four-legged friend when on your next venture.

  • Simple one-button operation
  • Range of up to 3 miles
  • Easy to read screen relates direction & distance
  • Set and locate home base to meet up
  • Works for groups of 2 to 12
  • Battery life of up to 3 days mixed use
  • Clip-on carabiner for quick attachment to clothing or gear
  • Safe Zone notifies you when a child, friend or family member gets too far away

How It Works

Step 1

Watch this video to easily set up and pair your devices for the first time.

Step 2

Follow the arrow and distance markers to find your group members.

Step 3

That’s it! No Cell Phones, No Network, No Subscriptions.

What Others Have to Say

“It gives you the freedom to seek different paths knowing that we can find each other. As the leader of my crew it has relieved a lot of stress for me” 

- Ryan, ID, USA

“I worry a lot less about my partner when we’re separated”

- Vernon, NV, USA

“...a handy little device that’ll not only help you locate your friends and family in the great outdoors, but it might even save their lives”


About Us

Smart Compass uses Lynq Technology to provide a secure and wireless peer-to-peer network to allow engineers, the military, and now YOU to stay connected without cell phone coverage or WiFi. Clip your Smart Compass to your dog's collar and know the exact direction and distance of your four-legged friend when on your next venture.

Frequently Asked Questions

What guarantee or warranties do you offer?

Lynq offers a 30 day money-back guarantee on Smart Compasses and accessories purchased as per our Returns Policy.

What if my Smart Compass is damaged or defected?

This government-tested device is designed to withstand any climate or situation with its weatherproof and waterproof durability. However, all devices come with a 1 year guarantee just in case – subject to Terms and Conditions.

How many dogs can I track at once?

Smart Compass can connect groups from 2 to 12 with the same device meaning you can keep track of up to 11 free roaming dogs at once or have your entire family keep an eye on your pets whereabouts.

How big is the Smart Compass?

The dimensions are: 4” x 2” x 1” and weighs just 73g meaning it can easily attach to your dogs collar or in a little doggy bag.

Does Smart Compass work internationally?

Yes, your Smart Compass units will work anywhere on earth under an open sky.