Lynq Compass :: Military Testing & Review

Lynq Compass :: Military Testing & Review

Lynq may be best known for our outdoors-oriented consumer device that allows you to locate people anywhere in the world for miles without the need for a phone, cell network, wifi, bluetooth or monthly fees. Our Smart Compass helps people find one another off-grid while hiking and camping, in large crowds, at events or anywhere under the open sky.

But our company has been ramping up work in the government sector, using our technology to fill the needs of Defense customers who have been searching for something like Lynq for years. When everything depends on it, operators rely on our technology to improve situational awareness and ensure no personnel is left behind.

Reliable communications are the foundation of mission success in training, disaster response and active theater. For years, military operations, law enforcement and search and rescue have been using bulky, complex and expensive solutions that required extensive infrastructure, setup and training and didn’t meet their needs. LynQs core technology is an intelligent communications network that is well suited for military environments that is long range, RF Quiet, low power, rapidly deployable, jamming resistant, and encrypted with frequency hopping as well as low probability to intercept and detect characteristics.

Lynq Compass and our technology have been tested and reviewed by a wide array of operators across a variety of use cases.

In August 2020, the Army Research Laboratory issued a report for LynQ Compass, the same model available for purchase by civilians, noting that it “provides unique capabilities to Army and Special Forces teams” and “real value in training applications, logistics and special mission areas”

Air Force Special Warfare has stated “the devices provide Special Operations Forces team with a quick understanding of team members location / bearing” and an “ability to locate downed personnel who may not be able to communicate”.

The Battlefield Air Targeting Man-Aided Knowledge (BATMAN) division of the Air Force Research Laboratory program “believes that Lynq would significantly benefit Special Warfare Teams in accomplishing some of their more critical mission sets including navigation and personnel accountability”

US Pacific Command report cited that use of the Lynq Smart Compass led to a 61% reduction in time spent locating wounded or unconscious soldiers.

Of officers surveyed, 100% would use Lynq for humanitarian aid & disaster response, 95% would use Lynq for Search & Rescue and 92% would use Lynq for stealth & recon. 100% rated it easy to learn and use with 94% stating Lynq was more convenient and faster than a radio.

The same Lynq Compass tested by our defense customers is available to civilians today at The technology that allows us to achieve mission success ensures Lynq Compass will perform to keep you and your people connected and safe - whether its a trip to the remote Alaskan wilderness or just a weekend with friends.

If you have any questions or would like a full copy of any of the reports cited, please email us at any time.

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